Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Vintage Studio Art Glass

The last couple of days I have been busy photographing all sorts of collectibles for my friend and listing them on Ebay. He has many wonderful things and I am just picking them out at random. Well, to be honest I am also choosing some that I can practise my photography skills on.
Vintage Enamel Lapel Badge
Glass is always a difficult one to capture a good photo, like silver it picks up so many reflections unless you have a professional studio set up. My 'studio' is far from 'professionally' equipped and most of my photography equipment are items I have picked up from auctions on the cheap. Some are even things I have modified to 'do the job' and with basic software, the results can be surprising.
Vintage Studio Art Glass
Obviously, its a 'fine' line when editing 'products' for sale especially the type of items I and my friend, Denis sell. Its important to capture a 'true' representation, in my opinion, saves a lot of hassle with returns. Its far easier to show a fault or damage than to describe it, even if its only a small one. Although I do try and describe everything as accurate as possible, my opinion can differ from other's so a photograph is the best method.
I have put the original photo, before editing, at the bottom of this post for anyone who's interested. The good news is, you do not need expensive software to edit photo's and for these I used the windows picture viewer and Paint. If you have Adobe Photoshop then even better and once mastered, this is the tool to own.
Studio Art Glass Vase
I picked out this lovely old vase, I say old and reckon its at least from the late 60's early 70's and could be described as 'studio art glass'? For me, i just like the colour, its chunky and heavy plus it 'feels' right.
Studio Art Glass Vase
I have seen one or two similar glass vases online and described as Murano glass but I am not sure. A friend suggested Whitefriars but I think he was just guessing although I do believe Whitefriars did make other types of glass wares apart from the usual pieces.
Studio Art Glass Vase
Who knows? all I can say is I like this and enjoyed capturing some photos and practising photographing a difficult subject, glass. I hope you enjoy the photo's and if you like the vase then please let me know and I will list it on Ebay at a very reasonable price.

There is one listed by another seller on Ebay and the price is starting at £2.99 or Buy it Now for £4.99 and I think thats a bargain. They are selling other items and sell plenty of  'glass'  and glass, especially 'studio art glass' is always worth buying because prices are going up, yet its still fairly easy to find those 'hidden' gems!

I just had a thought, how good would a pair of these vase's look? Imagine them dressing a table or on a window sill?

More glass and lots of other interesting things, coming soon.
Photo of some of the glass to come.

Original Photograph of Vase

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