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The Illustrated London News  Magazines are May 26th 1951 No. 5849 Volume 218 and June 6th 1953 No.5955 Volume 222.
There is a little something here for everyone, Royal Memorabilia Collectors, Ephemera Collectors, Advertising Collectors or those who just collect vintage magazines. If you are none of the above but enjoy an interesting 'read' then there is even something here for you.

The magazines feature lots of written news articles of the time, photographs both colour and Black & White, some beautiful colour illustrations and a plethora of advertising material. I even considered starting my own 'advertising ephemera collection' because there are so many. They are just too nice to cut up but I would imagine that is what will probably happen to them.

Its interesting to see how times and attitudes have changed, not just the tobacco adverts, everything seemed so 'Dandy' back then and 'ever so' right. Even the quality of the printing appears to be better but maybe that's just me.

They should of used these old vintage magazines in history lessons at school, I probably would of shown more interest at the time, much more fun than just learning dates. These days I find it all very fascinating and you can learn a lot about the past from these old magazines.
For instance, this old BP advert makes you think, 'how times have changed'? The world was a much different place back in the 50's.

I like to see the old tobacco and alcohol advertisements especially when they portray the use of them to be both 'cool' and 'sophisticated'. Obviously, attitudes have changed towards smoking and drinking and probably for the better but 'those were the days'.

Some of the illustrations are pieces of 'art' in themselves and would look great in a frame. Imagine some of these prints hanging on the wall, in the right place they would brighten up even the gloomiest of hallways.

The colours are very vibrant and there's very little signs of age,with the correct frame and border, they would make great gifts. I once framed an old advertisement, it was for a 'Sunbeam Alpine' sports car and gave this to my dad. He was very pleased because many years ago, he used to own a car like this, it was a trip down 'memory lane' for him.
Even the black and white adverts are interesting especially the illustrated advertisments. Some of the illustrations were created by some of the best and 'up and coming' artist of the times and identifying some of them would be a 'job' in itself.
If you collect ephemera, specifically anything to do with the Royal family then there are some excellent full page photographs and illustrations of Queen Elizabeth II and other members of the royal family.

If you do like what you see and wish to see more then please take a look at my other posts, I have many more vintage magazines. Most in the same condition as these and some are better, all are vintage and most are over 50 years old.

They will all be listed for sale by auction on my Ebay and all will be starting at 99p plus P&P. For multiple purchase there is a substantial discount for shipping additional items and always ship within 24 to 48 hours of payment.

The last thing I would wish for is you to be disappointed, if you are not delighted with any of your purchases then you can return them for a full refund.

Thanks for Looking!

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