Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Old 78rpm Records

Well, I have just sold a box of old 78rpm records and both happy and sad at the same time. I never did get to play them and my only consolation is that the winning bidder will be able to enjoy them. I am pleased to see them go to someone who will appreciate them because knowing me, they would probably of remained un-played for a long time. 

Saying that, you watch if I don't end up with a record player that plays at 33rpms! It happens, I will be at an auction or an antique fair and there will be one sat there asking to be bought. Hopefully it will be one of those old gramophones, the ones with the large horn and windup handle on the side, now that's got to be good for the planet!

The other month I was handed three boxes of old records, all 33rpms and all from the seventies and eighties. Its been a while since I have owned a record player and I was keen to listen to them because a lot of them, I can remember buying first time round.
I was looking forward to the 'trip down memory lane', I just needed a half decent record player!
Ok, I could of downloaded the music but its just not the same as a 'record'. I would not be without my MP3 player, don't get me wrong, but I was looking forward to playing some of these old records.
Week later and I am a proud owner of an old 80's twin deck, the sort used by DJ's at weddings? I was talking to a friend and telling him about the old records I have and he tells me 'hang on', and disappears into his garage. Next thing hes back with a large suitcase and says 'this is what you need'.
So, I have the record player and have been listening to some of the old records I enjoyed the first time round. Most play fine even with the 'odd' scratch or mark and there's even that glorious sound which I have not heard in a long time. You know, the sound of a record that has been played over and over again, the sound of age to me, wear to others.
Its been an experience and even my son has been listening to some and could not believe that is how we played music in the 'old' days. He's only 11 and I did tell him people still do and prefer playing records rather than the modern equivalent, he just looked at me and asked 'why'?
I can imagine my son in the distant future explaining to his children how he used to listen to music, maybe he will understand then? I don't think it would be the same though!

Well back to the grindstone, I still have a large collection of magazines and things to prepare. Hopefully, I will find a 78rpm record player because I do have a couple of old 78s left, a nice box set of six records, Gilbert & Sullivan opera 'The Mikado' sung by the 'Light Opera Company'.
I am not really an 'opera' fan, I like some but must admit I have never listened to one all the way through. I do remember singing some of the songs at school. Maybe I will get chance and the time, plus the record player, to listen to it before someone else owns it!, I guess I could always download it!
Thanks for looking!

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