Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Fine Art Prints

I enjoy collecting fine art prints and its amazing how quickly a collection can grow, currently I have around 2500 various prints from old art magazines. They are wonderful and very decorative, the majority are printed on fine 'art' paper, most are over 80 years old.
They are becoming harder to find these days but best places are auction houses and 'flea' markets. A lot of the prints were published in Art magazines and were mounted on paper to be removed for framing. This offered an inexpensive method of decorating the home especially in the early 1900's.
Some of the publications were issued monthly and allowed the consumer to build up a collection of reproduced artwork to view in the home. Most of the fine art prints were created using the best methods of the time and the earlier prints were hand tinted.
Publications before the 1930 are much sort after because the copyright has usually expired and they are now considered to be in the public domain. This means that you can use the work to produce other works of art without breaking the law.
All the old prints I am selling are original and genuine prints removed from old publications and magazines. I scan the images for selling purpose and also to build up my library of images which I use for creating other media.

If you wish to buy an original print then please see my ebay listings, most are starting at just 99p and all the BUY IT NOWs have the option to make a best offer. If you wish to own an original then please make me an offer because |it always a pleasure to see them go to those who appreciate such things.

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