Tuesday, 27 July 2010


The following items of children's vintage christening gowns sold on my Ebay (Charliequins), there were six vintage christening gowns in total. I think they were all around the 1900's probably Victorian or Edwardian vintage childrens clothing. If you have any questions or would like to see more photos then please let me know.

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Vintage Christening Gowns & various.

Vintage Christening, Gown Night Gown 1 - SOLD
The vintage christening gown is very decorative and is cotton with embroidered pattern. The child's dress is in a good condition apart from a rip at the back and there is another very small hole on the one sleeve. The gown measures around 20 inches across from end of sleeve to end of sleeve, the length is just is around 28 inches long.
Vintage Christening, Gown Night Gown 2 - SOLD
The second vintage christening gown is in a better condition with no rips or tears but there are a couple of very minor marks which should 'wash' out. They are that small that they are hardly worth mentioning and you would have to look for them. This is a very delicate gown and measures around 12 inches across the arms and around 32 inches in length.

Vintage Christening, Gown Night Gown 3 - SOLD
The third vintage night gown or christening robe is very delicate cream coloured gown and has some nice embroidery work in the shape of small flowers and garlands. There are some holes that would require attention and the largest is on the front as shown in the picture. The rest are smaller and apart from these this is a very ornate robe. The gown measures 10 inches across by around 28 inches long.

Vintage Christening, Gown Night Gown 4 - sold
The fourth vintage christening gown is in a nice condition with just a few very small signs of age. There's a small dark stain on the back near the bottom right hand side and a small patch where the material has worn thinner near the neck. The vintage robe measures just over 12 inches across the sleeves and just over 24 inches long.

Vintage Christening, Gown Night Gown 5 - SOLD
The fifth christening gown or child's vintage night dress is in a good condition and measures 10 inches across, end of sleeve to end of sleeve. I cannot see any wrong with this one and this is a very nice cotton and lace vintage christening gown.
Vintage Christening, Gown Night Gown 6 -sold
The sixth and final vintage christening gown or child's night gown measures 11 inches across and around 38 inches long. The vintage gown is in a good condition apart from a large hole on the front that would require some attention.
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  1. I a interested in No 5. My email address is
    Please advise a price together with expected delivery date.
    I live in Tweed Heads.
    Kind regards
    Judie K WALLACE

  2. Hi Judie, sorry I never replied to your enquiry and its taken this long to get in touch. Did not notice your comment.
    Sorry but these all sold but always looking out for more and when I find any I will post details on the blog.
    I have set up my email properly now so if anyone leaves a comment I will be notified right away.

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  4. Am looking for a long, simple antique christening gown for a boy

  5. Hi, just realised new comments and do have some more vintage clothing to be listed on Ebay. I have posted some photos and if anyone would like to know more about them, please get in touch by visiting my website www.charliequins.com and using the contact form.
    thank you