Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Vintage Clothing 009

Vintage Womens Underwear 009

A large pair of knickers or pantaloons and in a good condition now they have been professionally cleaned. Believe it or not, I am selling these old knickers on behalf of a vicar. Well actually he's a Reverend, not sure of the difference but you do get to meet all sorts of people in my profession.
The Rev Thomas Kinsitu who does wonderful work up in Scotland and also for a charity supporting children in Uganda. He contacted me through one of my previous blogs about some vintage clothing asking for some advice. They had been 'gifted' to him to be sold and all proceeds to go to the charities he supports.
I have been asking Tom to set up the Ebay charity 'thingy' and then I can simply donate all proceeds direct to the charities. If anyone would like to comment here about how to do this and whether its as simple as it looks to set up, or would even like to assist Tom at some point to be able to set this up, or me then please get in touch, phew!
So, to keep things short, I have a tendency to waffle, here's another piece of vintage selling for Tom, I have others listed so please browse. I also have some more to list over the next couple of days so please add me to your favourites.
The vintage clothes will be packed and posted as soon as the auction is over and at the earliest time. The faster the money goes to Tom's charities the better, the soon they are sold then I can continue working on all the other wonderful things I have for sale.

I am behind on listing on Ebay and keeping up with postings, so will leave you with these images of the vintage clothes for sale. If you check back here at the blog or watch an item then thank you for your support in advance.
If you win any of them thank you and payment can be made in whichever way you are comfortable to pay. ideally, direct to Tom's registered charity. Would you believe it, I cannot remember the name of the charity, I will find out as soon as possible and post it on the blog.
Almost forgot, all of these wonderful old vintage clothing is being sold over on my Ebay - Charliequins I am sure you will find them especially if you visit my website - www.charliequins or even search for "charliequins".

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Thank you for taking the time to read this and good luck with your bids but please, only bid what you can afford or think is a reasonable price for them.
Buy in confidence, I am proud of my feedback on Ebay and work hard to ensure that I offer a great service when selling, either my own wares or on behalf of other people. These garments are all for a very charitable cause and I will be donating all proceeds and will up date this post as soon as they sell.
Every penny you pay will go direct to the charity less the Ebay fees and Paypal fees if paid by Paypal. If all they sell for is at the starting prices then I will also pay for the ebay and listing fees.

If you visit my Ebay, website or blogs and cannot find any of these wonderful old antique clothes then they have either been sold or have yet to be listed, even re-listed but hopefully not.

I do go on a bit so here's one more being listed, may even be already listed and sold.

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