Tuesday, 16 February 2010

BOX CAMERA vintage film camera

I have just upload a load of old 'box' cameras to Ebay for sale. I did not realise how many I had and it wil be good to see them go to someone who would appreciate them.
Most are various Kodak Box Brownies and theres also a Coronet box camera amongst them.
The condition of each old camera various from camera to camera and some are better than others.
I know these old Kodak box cameras don't sell for a lot and for the time spent photographing them, listing and hopefully posting, its hardly worth it.
Its a shame to throw them away especially as vintage camera collectors will buy them simply to add to their own collection.
Even in a 'poor' and 'rusty' condition they have a certain charm and are collectible, even more so at these prices. I guess someone out there would even restore such things either to display in a collection of cameras, or to use for photography.

Some of these box cameras do have better lens and the odd feature to improve the chance of taking a 'better' photograph.

Yes, even these old cameras can be used, once restored, to take photographs. I know that you can still buy film for them although this will probably get more scarce as time goes buy.
Its amazing really that as some of these cameras are well over 50 years old, that they are still usable but if you consider how 'basic' the design is, its not that surprising. At the end of the day, they are just 'pinhole' cameras or at least rely on the basic camera design principles.

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