Friday, 12 February 2010

SANKYO 8-R Vintage Film Camera

This SANKYO 8-R cine camera I have for sale on Ebay is a good example of a classic cine 'film' camera. The camera is in good order and the motor works fine.
This old SANKYO camera would suit a cine film camera collector and would look great on display.
Theres a very good chance that you could load a film and the camera would work fine. The 'windup' motor works at all speeds and the lens are in very good condition.
The only problem with this cine camera, if you can call it a problem, is it needs a clean. Its obviously been store for a long time gathering dust but I am sure this  film camera would clean up a treat. I should clean it myself, I might even sell it for better money! Its probably best left to someone with a little bit more knowledge though, especially when it comes to cleaning the camera lens.
I guess its not rocket science but you should use the correct lens cleaning solutions and cloth when cleaning lens. If you are new to collecting cameras and unsure then at least theres plenty of good information on the net about 'how to clean old cameras'.
Oh well, back to the 'grindstone', these collectible cameras don't sell themselves! if you wish to enquire about this cine film camera then please email me. The camera's on Ebay with a very reasonable BUY IT NOW price or you can even make me an offer.

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  1. This camera sold on Ebay today for the BEST OFFER of £25.00 plus P&P.