Thursday, 4 February 2010


I have loads of cameras and equipment for sale and will be listing them either here first or on Ebay. As much as I would like to keep everything, its time to sell simply because I have to many things. I have just sold my Yashica Minister 700, it sold quickly and I was hoping to hang on to it for a little longer.
Anyway, next up is my Praktica FX2 with Carl Zeiss Lens and this is a very reluctant sale because its such a good looking camera. At least I have some photos to remind me that I once owned one.
I like this camera and have enjoyed taking some great photo's (my opinion only) of it.This is a 'good' example for a collector of cameras and would look great on display. Sadly, I cannot afford to keep it (attempting to raise money for my college course and equipment) and so I have to 'let it go', it will be listed on Ebay (if its not already).
The Buy It Now price is a 'fair' starting price but I may accept a reasonable offer because its going to sell! Below are a number of photos of the Praktica FX 2 camera 'warts and all', you should be able to see all the details including the dust. Its in good order but would require a clean.
The camera is 'untested', however it is in working order and everything appears to do what it ought to. The shutter action fires every time on all speeds and you can here it slow down, speed up when shutter is adjusted. The Carl Zeiss Tessar lens is in good condition and clear, free from scratches but may require a clean if you intend to use this camera. Internally, the camera is tidy,  just a little dust and all looks good. The camera is supplied with the original leather case which is functional but shows signs of wear.
Whoever wins this camera, even at the 'Buy it Now' price, will not be dissapointed.  However,  if you are not satisfied with your purchase I ALWAYS accept returns. This applies to all the things I sell unless otherwise stated. Before you decide to buy please take a look at the photos and if you are still unsure please get in touch.
If you wish to learn more about this camera then please email me, don't delay because this camera will sell. If you click on the photos below you will see a larger version.


  1. hello, i also have a Praktica fx2 and was wondering whatprice you sold yours for so i know a good starting price. cheers

  2. Hi Scott, sorry its taken so long to reply,I did not have my email notification set up correctly.
    I sold this praktika for 25 pounds but they can sell for more especially as the market for vintage cameras is growing.
    The problem with selling these old cameras is knowing how to check if they are in a good working condition.
    If you want some advice about this then please get in touch, thats if you have not already sold it.