Saturday, 9 July 2011

Stone Ginger Beer Bottles and Stoneware Bottles

The other day I was given a load of old stone bottles to photograph for a client who Ebays, it was a bit of a 'rush' job, I wish I took more time to photograph them.
There are some interesting bottles and I have already loaded some on my clients ebay sales as Buy it Nows with Best offers. They are there to be sold and I am sure all offers will be considered so if you like the look of any of these collectable stoneware ginger beer bottles then please rush over and make your best offers.
 All of the Stoneware bottles and pots are in good condition considering their age, I should of taken some more photos but did not have the time as my workload is piling up. The one antique ginger beer bottle does have the original stopper which is often missing.
The stone ginger beer bottles are great for decorating the home and would look wonderful on display. There's an assortment, even an old stone hot water bottle, ideal for warming the bed but not sure if its wise to do this. Its in great condition but putting hot water into a stone water bottle of this age may cause damage.
 Most of these stone ginger bottles come from the local area of Herefordshire like Ross, Malvern and so on. There are a couple from other areas, one from Porth and another from Western Supe Mare. There are a couple thaat have not labels or markings so very difficult to tell where these old stone bottles come from but still great for decoration or collecting.
The pictures belwo are just some of the ones I have yet to list on Ebay, more coming soon so please check back.

Just been sorting out the online shop, still needs work, logo needs changing but everything else works, thanks to a great piece of shopping cart software known as Zen.

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